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About WKCC

The Willamette Kayak and Canoe Club has a membership of over 300, and is based in the southern and mid-Willamette Valley of Western Oregon. The club's goals are: 

  • Organize river and surf outings for its members.
  • Promote water safety.
  • Help members acquire the confidence and skills needed for kayaking and canoeing.
  • Help conserve, preserve and protect the free-flowing rivers of Oregon.
  • Promote the enjoyment, challenges, thrills, and camaraderie of kayaking and canoeing.

The club is governed by a Board consisting of seven directors who are elected by the membership.

2024 Directors
Tommy Swearingen
Tere O'Rourke
Brian Miller

Tom Lauder
  Vice President
Mari Baldwin
  Safety Weekend Coordinator
Paul Radke
  Trips Coordination
Morgan Renae

We also rely on member volunteers for many tasks.

Other Volunteers (in no particular order, they're all important!)
Membership Chair    Mary Frazer
Insurance Chair
  Brian Miller
IT support and Website  
Horst Lueck, Brian Miller
Conservation Chair  
Morgan Renae
Paddlers View Editor
  Jennifer Sunseri 
Safety Weekend
  Mari Baldwin
Facebook Coordinator  
Tere O'Rourke, Mari Baldwin
Merchandise Chair
  Mari Baldwin, Mark Murphy
River Levels Page
  Pat Welch
 * The club only exists and thrives due to the boundless energy of a lot of people that love to paddle and are willing to do a little work to see the club prosper.  Club members are performing important functions all the time, and this list is by no means complete.  If you feel you or someone else should be listed here, Contact Us.

You? Contact a current board member if you're interested in volunteering or becoming a board member.

The Club is incorporated as a Domestic Non Profit Corporation, and pays Federal and Oregon Corporation Taxes.

Contributions and donations to WKCC are not tax deductible.

WKCC Bylaws define the rules for operating and governing the Club.
The Operations Manual details the roles of Directors, Chairs and operations.


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