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SAFETY WEEKEND 2021 was a Fun Success

Details for Safety Weekend 2022 July 30 & 31 are coming. 
Stay Tuned!!

Location: greater Eugene area and nearby rivers


Safety Weekend is FULL 
See below to join wait list.

To Register for Safety Weekend:
1. Read the FAQs below.
2. Join the WKCC if you haven't already from the Join the WKCC button in the upper left of home page.
3. Then log into the website from the Login link in the upper left
4. Waitlist: Safety Weekend is full. Click the Add me to Waitlist button on the
Safety Weekend event. We usually get 2-3 cancellations.

To Volunteer to Help:
1. Read the FAQs below
2. Join the WKCC if you haven't already from the Join the WKCC button in the site menu. Skip payment -- we'll waive your dues.
3. Log into the site
4. Complete the Volunteer Signup Form

Past Safety Weekend Photos

Download printable Safety Weekend 2021 Poster

What is Safety Weekend?
Safety Weekend is an annual, two-day, non-certification workshop put on by the Willamette Kayak and Canoe Club (WKCC.) The workshop offers land and water-based training and info sessions on basic river safety topics including: whitewater safety gear/equipment, throw bag skills, knots, swiftwater crossing, swiftwater swimming, mechanical advantage, and avoiding river obstacles. Safety Weekend is a great chance to learn and/or refresh your river  safety skills in a welcoming and fun environment, and a great chance to meet fellow river enthusiasts. Detailed Course Descriptions

Who can take this course? 
The course is open to WKCC members. If you're not a member, please join by clicking on "Join WKCC" before registering for Safety Weekend. We welcome kayakers, rafters, and canoeists. Ages 12 and up.* Anyone who plans on spending any time on or near our beautiful rivers can benefit from this course. All skill levels are welcome, beginners and experienced boaters alike! No previous experience necessary. *We do require that a PARTICIPATING parent or legal guardian accompany any minor participant under 18 years of age.

Am I fit enough to take this course?
The course involves activities requiring a moderate level of stamina and agility, such as the ability to throw, walk on slippery rocks, and swim actively You will be simulating rescue activities on land and in the river. Check out the photos for examples of exercises covered in the classes.

What are our Covid protocols?

To ensure nobody is exposed to covid at Safety Weekend 2021, we will follow state and local Covid-19 guidelines for outdoor recreation. If you choose to attend, you are required to follow public health precautions to keep yourself and others safe. Other measures are as follows:

  • Instructors will follow covid safe teaching methods that ensure social distancing  
  • Camping is available only to out-of-town participants. 
  • Food provided on-site for the event will consist of pre-packaged snacks and a boxed lunch on Saturday and Sunday. 
  • This year, we cannot provide the big group dinner and breakfast that has previously been part of the Safety Weekend package, so participants and volunteers are on their own for breakfast and dinner. 
  • Even with these changes, we anticipate the same atmosphere of camaraderie and networking Safety Weekend is noted for.
How do I register for Safety Weekend and what is the cost?
To register follow the 4-step instructions at the top this page. The registration fee is $80. We can accept up to 25 participants, and registration will close when all of our spots are filled. Contact to be put on the waiting list after registration closes. PLEASE NOTE: You must be a WKCC member to register for this event. Club membership costs an additional $12. Click the "Join the WKCC" button at left to become a member.

What does the Registration Fee cover?
The registration fee covers the event costs including: instruction, instructional equipment, plenty of snacks, two lunches, Saturday night camping (for out-of-towners) and parkingThe WKCC is a not-for-profit entity. Safety Weekend is run at cost, we do not make money from the fee.

What is the Cancellation Policy?
In light of the coronavirus, we are waiving our cancellation fee this year. We urge you to not hesitate to cancel if you feel at all ill—you will be issued a full refund. That being said, we cap registrations at 25, so please don’t sign up unless you’re reasonably sure you will be attending. Registration is open until all spots are filled.

What time does Safety Weekend start and finish?
Check-in for the two-day workshop opens at 8:00 AM on Saturday, July 17. The instructional programming runs from 9 AM to 4 PM both Saturday and Sunday.

When will the campsites be available?

Camping for out-of-town participants will be open after class on Saturday.

What do I need to bring for Safety Weekend?


  • Personal Flotation Device (PFD) and HELMET
  • A dry suit or a farmer john style wetsuit (3mm or thicker) and a splash jacket
  • Synthetic under-layers (i.e. polypropylene, polyester pile or fleece, wool or neoprene)
  • Paddle shoes, neoprene bodies with thick soles or well fitting sneakers and warm wool or neoprene socks.
  • NO COTTON—cotton clothing is not appropriate for water-based activities.
  • Plan for the possibility of extended time in the water!!


  • Reusable coffee cup
  • Casual clothing and footwear for both warm and cold weather, rain is always a possibility
  • Water Bottle
  • Sunscreen
  • Towel
  • Medications
  • Any special snack you’d like to have


  • Personal throw bags, carabiners, pin kits and paddles are encouraged, please label your gear!!
  • Bring your own boat if you can. We’ll be paddling down to the site both afternoons and there may be an opportunity to paddle on Saturday afternoon.


  • Tent, sleeping bag, camp chair, and pad
  • Personal effects (there are small markets nearby)
  • Coffee provided. Breakfast and dinner are not. Bring your own personal camp stove or eat at a nearby restaurant.
What if I don't have my own gear?
There are several rental outfits in the Corvallis, Eugene, and Portland areas. You can also reach out to your fellow club members to borrow gear.

Oregon Paddle Sports
Play it Again Sports

Alder Creek

Peak Sports

Next Adventure 

Oregon State University, Outdoor Recreation Center

Outdoor Program, University of Oregon 

What meals are provided?
Two lunches, snacks and coffee will be provided both days. Campers can cook their own dinner or breakfast or go into town. We can accommodate carnivore, vegetarian, gluten-free, and vegan dietary preferences. Please indicate any food restrictions on registration form.

Will there be room for RV's or any hook-ups?
No. There's just won't have enough space for RVs on this private property. Consider nearby campgrounds.

What about beer or alcohol?
A beer, cocktail or glass of wine after a fun day on the river is permissible!  But only AFTER you are COMPLETELY finished on the river.  Club policy is for bring-your-own alcoholic beverages, with each adult responsible for its consumption, and responsible adults ONLY. Safety Weekend is a great venue for networking and socializing with fellow boaters. We urge you to take advantage of this, but do keep in mind that quiet hours begin at 10 PM.

What about non-participating attendees?
Please check with the Safety Weekend organizers at Non-participating attendees with participating family members may observe. No children please.

Are pets allowed at this event?
No. As much as we all love our non-human friends, there is very little time between events to properly look after them, please leave at home. 

How do I volunteer for the event?
Please follow the 4-step instructions at the top this page.

Other questions?
Please contact the organizers at

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